Indoor Horse Arenas Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

Indoor Horse Arenas Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

Indoor Horse Arenas Bury St Edmunds SuffolkFor the best Equestrian Construction services in Suffolk, contact us today! We offer Indoor & Outdoor Arenas, Equestrian arenas, and much more. Indoor Horse Arenas Bury St Edmunds Suffolk.

Have you ever considered constructing an outdoor or indoor arena? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you are at the right place.

Building and designing one’s arena is something a good number of individuals enjoy doing in their spare time. It can take some work to get things started when constructing your arena.

The following instructions will walk you through the process of constructing horse arenas.

Indoor Horse Arenas Bury St Edmunds Suffolk Construction

Indoor Horse Arenas Bury St Edmunds Suffolk construction is great, obviously because of factors like; your horses get to train even in unpredictable weather. Still, before you begin such a task, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • In what amount of time can I expect this to be completed?
  • How much do Indoor Horse Arenas Bury St Edmunds Suffolk cost?
  • Can I utilize the same approaches for an outdoor arena?

Indoor arena construction is similar to outside. Some discrepancies may complicate and complicate the procedure. The primary difference is that you’ll need to maintain your indoor arena’s heating and cooling system, which may be tricky.

  1. Start by laying the arena’s foundation. It must be sturdy to sustain all the weight. Concrete blocks or bricks are better for creating a horse arena in your backyard than wood or cement blocks.
  2. The walls of your horse arena should be at least 2 feet high and composed of brick or concrete blocks, depending on your flooring choice. 
  3. Depending on the size of your horse stall, you may need to add windows to give natural illumination without outside light, which might impair your horse’s vision.
  4. Your flooring is generally made up of 3 layers, the Base layer, which is usually something sturdy like clay or concrete, and the subsurface. Most often, sand or a sand-and-additive combination serves as this layer’s main element. The subsurface is between the base and the top. Then finally, the top layer, whereby The integration of this layer with the subsurface will result in the finest possible mix of grip and stability for the surface. The uppermost layer, or footing, needs regular repair.

Outdoor Horse Arena Construction

Step 1: Digging the Arena

Digging the arena is the first step to building your outdoor horse arena. You will dig a hole for the arena and surround it with concrete, which will help keep your horses safe. This can be a large or small area, depending on how many horses you have and what size of building you want.

Step 2: Creating Layers of Concrete

The next step is to create layers of concrete around your arena. The number of layers depends on how much concrete you plan to use and how many horses you have. Most people only need two layers because their horses and arenas are small. If you are using a lot of concrete, it may be best to build multiple layers so that each layer has room for more material without creating an uneven surface for your horses to walk on.

Step 3: Mixing Concrete Mixer

Once you have created all your layers, mix them with a cement mixer until they are completely mixed into one solid piece. This will ensure no bubbles in the mixture, which could cause problems later.

Step 4: Fill the arena with sand, which gives your horses a good grip. And you can also fence off the arena.


The steps above guide you on how to go about outdoor and Indoor Horse Arenas Bury St Edmunds Suffolk construction.